There are many manga that are expected by the readers. The return of some is very far away: think of Nana, the famous manga by Ai Yazawa, blocked for years; there's also Kazushi Hagiwara's bastard, who recently showed himself to new audiences with the anime. Instead, the return seems to be the closest Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi.

After many years of hiatus, the mangaka has decided to resume work on his creature and even created a Twitter account to keep everyone updated. An important change and above all an almost daily communication with its readers keeping in mind the situation in the production of Hunter x Hunter. There is a lot of information that needs to be sorted out and evaluated, so we can make hypotheses Hunter x Hunter return date.

At the moment Weekly Shonen Jump has released two new series and with the presence of the Gold Future Cup it means that there will be no new line-up updates until November. However, it happens that in November Hunter x Hunter volume 37 comes out, an extremely important signal: in recent years, Shueisha decided the release date of the Hunter x Hunter volume based on the return of the manga to the magazine in chapter format.

Given this news and the fact that Togashi has now completed the manuscripts of several chapters between 391 and 400, this seems extremely likely Hunter x Hunter returns in mid to late November. So you would have to wait about a few months to be able to see what the protagonists will encounter.

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