L'ONE PIECE anime has reached a very important point for the saga. The clash between Luffy and Kaido keeps all fans tied to TVs, cell phones, or any other device that allows watching the episodes. The arrival of the Mugiwara at the peak of Onigashima sparked the epic battle.

And Toei Animation is working hard to package it right. Many acclaim the animations of ONE PIECE, with scenes full of effects, pathos, quality: the production works hard in every episode to let the fans be dazzled by the beauty of the shots. However, there is one decision that Toei Animation seems to have made after hearing some fans' opinions.

This is reported by Artur, a well-known ONE PIECE topic page Animator Tu Yong Ce would have claimed that Toei will reduce the effects of the aura starting with today's episode. This choice is due to complaints from some fans who had expressed doubts about too many special effects. In fact, in previous episodes, alongside the praise for the quality, part of the public complained about "ONE BIT too much Dragon Ball"Precisely because of the energy and aura effects that are placed around the characters.

What do you think of this choice? In the meantime, it's already time to start thinking about ONE PIECE Episode 1034.

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