There are so many Secrets revealed in ONE PIECE, and one of them concerns Ancestral Weapons. Symbol of an era and kingdom that have been gone for centuries, but they can still be used today and it seems that they will play a leading role in the end of the manga. And one of those weapons may have appeared after the mention of Pluton.

We've heard of Pluton since the Alabasta saga, and his plans were central to the Water Seven saga. Then there was Poseidon, the siren Shirahoshi able to control the power of the Sea Kings, and who that actually was first ancient weapon to appear physically in ONE PIECE. And what about Uranus?

This ancestral weapon may have appeared at least partially in ONE PIECE 1060. The new chapter of the manga has destroyed the kingdom of Lulusia, which was hit by a huge object that fell from the sky and was expected by a violent storm. Uranus is the titan of the skiesas opposed to Earth's Gaia, and Oda may have chosen that name deliberately.

So Uranus could either be the giant object falling from the sky or some sort of satellite that can manipulate gravity and attack from the sky. Control would be in the hands of Im-sama or the Five Stars of Wisdom, making it a very dangerous ancestral weapon. This theory was taking shape in the ONE PIECE fandom over the past few days due to the properties of the object that destroyed Lulusia, what do you think?

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