The professional heroes of the world My Hero Academy They are very busy in the field. With their agencies, they take care of the peace and security of the cities and also take part in ad hoc missions. However, some of these professionals also engage in other activities, such as teaching. In fact, many are in Yuei.

In addition to guarding students, these special professors can be an experience carrier for young offspring who dream of becoming true heroes. And at Yuei, Japan's most famous and respected high school, there are many. We have known almost all of them in My Hero Academia, and among them there is also midnightalso known as Nemuri Kayama.

A student at the same institute and once a classmate of both Eraserhead and Present Mic, the Midnight quirk allows her to release a scent that can stun those who inhale it in large doses. In addition, he always wears very tight and easily torn white pantyhose in order to determine the concentration of his power.

Today we see it in it Midnight Cosplay from My Hero Academia by Thalia, who she wore in a hero's dress with a whip and mask. Soon we'll see them back in action against the villains of My Hero Academia 6.

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