A few hours ago the famous English newspaper The guard published an interesting article written and directed by the journalist Josh Toussaint-Strauss, which is inherent in the world of anime and prevailing racism in most series in this industry.

The video, taken from the extensive article of the same name and featured in the news above, is titled "Souls misrepresent black people. Here's how to fix thisThe clip features a series of interviews with anime fans and includes the following description: "Josh Toussaint-Strauss loves anime, but often sees black characters portrayed in a racist and stereotypical manner. Even big shows like Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, and One Punch Man fail when they try to represent minorities. What do fans, writers and critics think?".

The journalist opens the discussion by declaring that he "does not want to reject any souls, but only wants to put an end to racism". Subsequently, some critics argue about the representation of black characters and point out how Some character designs are children of an old school of thought based on some American cartoons that aired in the 40s and 50s that are deeply racist.

According to respondents, the fact that Japan is roughly 97% inhabited by Japanese does not justify the approximate representation of many black characters, including Coffee from CowBoy Bebop, Popo from Dragon Ball, Blackluster from One-Punch Man, or the youngest, according to respondents Sister crown from The Promised Neverland.

The journalist closed the speech in a positive light and said that he was satisfied with the changes made in recent years. E. I hope many animation and manga studios recognize the mistake and keep working on the subject.

As always, we want to hear yours. What do you think of the video Do you agree? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we'd like to remind you that the fall anime season is about to begin, and that among the many series to come is the highly anticipated fourth season of The Attack of the Giants.

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