Bleach is a name that has now gone down in manga and anime history. Few of them do not know this name, because together with Naruto and ONE PIECE they have been a pillar of the Weekly Shonen Jump for years. Even though it's completed, the work is still valued around the world, as evidenced by the welcome of the Bleach anime's arrival in Italy.

However, his name does not appear to have anything to do with the subjects he deals with. You know what it is the origin of the name Bleach? The reveal dates back to an interview given by Tite Kubo, the mangaka, to Anime Insider.

Originally the intended title was "Snipe". In fact, after Zombie Powder was canceled at Weekly Shonen Jump, Kubo always prepared a manga about the gods of death, but only Rukia Kuchiki had a white gun or scythe. All the other characters were armed with weapons and for that he thought of snipers for the title. However, he opted for swords and this forced him to undo the previous title hypothesis.

He therefore decided to call it "black" for the color of the Shinigami clothing, but the choice did not convince him because it was too generic a name as well as the opposite "white". He therefore decided on the title Bleach given its association and reference to white, but not that obvious.

Ichigo Kurosaki's first Bleach adventures will be available on Amazon Prime Video in late April.

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