Between Manga Designed by the famous author Go Nagai, there is Violence Jack, a work with strong themes that recently inspired the artist Yuu Kinutani to work out his new story. Let's go into more detail.

The author of the original work recalls creating some of the most famous robot protagonists of the '70s mecha anime, such as: Mazinger and Jeegas well as for writing numerous mangas of great importance in the history of Japanese comics, such as Devilman. Exactly linked to this last story, the artist started producing from 1973 Violence jack. The series is about a man named Jack who lives in a post-apocalyptic world, and the themes revolve around the difficulty of living in that place.

In addition to helping to develop the manga Steamboy With Katsuhiro Otomo, author of Akira, who recently announced a collection of works, the mangaka Yuu Kinutani had already drawn works in the past based on the Devilman series and by 19th of February will begin releasing another manga inspired by the works of Go Nagai, particularly Violence Jack, the title of which it bears.

The new comic is called Violence Jack 20XX and comes with a plot similar to that of its predecessor, this story also has a 'post-apocalyptic attitudealthough limited to the Kanto area, the region where Tokyo is located. The area devastated by the so-called "Great Kanto Hellquake" now looks like a lawless desert.

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