The countdown to the debut of the new chapter of Dragonball Super has already started, and with the release of the first official Chapter 75 spoilers, we got a sneak peek at the extraordinary powers of the Saiyan Prince after he finally caught up with his eternal rival Goku.

It becomes difficult to point out between Goku and Vegeta who is stronger now, the same Toyotaro struggled to answer the question in an interview with the V-Jump editor, Win Uchida. In any case, in the opinion of the readers, this is one of the best transformations for the character so far, which above all distorts his looks and abilities, which are definitely diametrically opposed to those of Kakarott.

But what is the Saiyan prince's worst transformation? In our opinion, the least successful of Toriyama and Toyotaro is the one Great Saiyan Blue Shinka (or "expanded"), the power-up the writers introduce during the battle with Jiren. It's basically another maturation of the Super Saiyan Blue's powers, but that changes little or nothing of his abilities. In fact, that idea doesn't seem to have been inherited from Sensei, who almost never reused it in the manga, and this transformation resulted in a major step backwards compared to Goku, who instead learned the Ultra Instinct, an event that has evolved from that moment until very recently Did a huge chasm between the two Saiyans in terms of power.

However, what do you think is Vegeta's worst transformation? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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