One of the settings and one of the most emblematic events of the first series of Dragon Ball It is undoubtedly the Tenkaichi tournament where we saw the young Goku and Krillin as well as the specially camouflaged Master Roshi against opponents who could then be considered particularly dangerous and skillful.

Over time and with the cell tournament during Dragon Ball Z and the power tournament featured in the latest Super series, The World Martial Arts Tournament has lost its relevance in the universe created by Akira ToriyamaThanks to the extraordinary work of an enthusiast, it is now possible to visit them again with a great reproduction of the arena and stands in Lego style.

As you can see from the various images that @wriststrong shared on Reddit and which you can find below, the fan didn't limit himself to maintaining some allegiance to the original idea and reconstructing the tournament ring, the stands and even the great gauges, but also decided to do it presented Goku with a huge challenge and made him face Superman, one of the most powerful superheroes in the American comic book world and a symbol of hope. What do you think of this incredible tribute to one of Dragon Ball's historical backdrops that is now forgotten? As usual, please let us know in the comments section.

Recall that the Valencian TV station recently heavily accused the Dragon Ball series of sexism and moral codes, and we leave you to Toyotaro's beautiful illustration dedicated to Olibu.

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