For his ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda envisions a setting full of piracy, in which rascals and ambitious men compete for the great treasure left by Gol D. Roger. Have you ever wondered how much their massive sizes are worth in euros?

A Reddit user, a certain one Chriscftb97he ventured into the crazy company of Convert the serial currency to dollars, the berry. Thanks to the cover of Chapter 476, we know that one cabbage sells for 150 berries. In the case of ONE PIECE, this particular vegetable is slightly larger than what is and has actually been found here Weight on average about 1 kg. A 2016 study found that a cabbage costs $ 0.67 per pound (0.55 cents) on average, including inflation. If it is multiplied by 2.4 pounds, we get the average cost of a cabbage, or $ 1.61 (or $ 1.32).

If 150 berry answers 1.32 euros, then One euro is equivalent to 113.63 berries. Converted the Mugiwara sizes to euros, follow here:

  • Luffy: 13 million and 255 thousand euros;;
  • Zoro: 2 million and 827 thousand euros;
  • Sanji; 2 million and 916 thousand euros;
  • Jinbe: 3 million and 870 thousand euros;
  • Usopp: 1 million and 767 thousand euros;
  • Nami: around 583 thousand euros;
  • Robin: 1 million and 150 thousand euros;
  • Franky: 830 thousand euros;
  • Brook: 733 thousand euros;
  • Chopper: 0.89 euro cents;

Instead, Gol D. Roger's bounty counts, the highest ever 49 million and 150 thousand euroswhile that of Black beardwho is inspired by a real pirate, among other things, stands up almost 20 million euros. Instead, what do you think of these numbers, which are always indicative? Let us know with a comment below.

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