On the official page for the manga written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura, Vinland sagaThe cover of the twenty-fourth compilation volume, due to be released in Japan on October 23, was unveiled.

Yukimura started publishing the manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine from the publisher Kodansha in April 2005 and then moved it to the magazine Monthly afternoon The publisher published the 23rd compiled volume in November 2019.

The piece inspired a 24-part anime adaptation of Wit studio, Headed by Shuuhei Yabuta and scripts written by Hiroshi seko Y. Kenta Ihara, published in July 2019.

Vinland Saga Synopsis

Thorfinn, son of one of the greatest warriors of the Vikings, is one of the best fighters of the mercenary band of mercenaries, led by the cunning Askeladd. Thorfinn is not part of the group due to the looting. Instead, the boy has promised to kill Askeladd in a fair duel, as he has inflicted a great tragedy on his family. Thorfinn grew up with the mercenary crew, honing his skills on the battlefield among the Danes, where killing is just another pleasure in life.

One day when Askeladd receives news that the Danish Prince Canute has been taken hostage, he slips into an ambitious plan: one that will determine the next King of England and drastically change the lives of Thorfinn, Canute and his.

Vinland Saga is set in the 11th century in Europe and tells a bloody epic at a time when violence, madness and injustice are inevitable. It's a haven for battle-mad hell and the rest of those who live in it.

ยฉ ๅนธ ๆ‘ ่ช  (่‘—) / KODANSHA ่ฌ› ่ซ‡ ็คพ


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