Unique: J-POP Manga presents Osamu Tezuka’s band in a western style

J-POP Manga announced the highly anticipated unreleased title on October 21st Unico is included in the Osamushi collection, an editorial project associated with Osamu Tezuka's productions. Unico will arrive in Italy almost 50 years after it was originally released in Italy.

A docile unicorn is unique, that donates love and well-being to those of good nature. The first to benefit from these extraordinary effects is the beautiful goddess Psyche from Greek mythology. To break the balance between Unico and his lover, there will be the perfidious Venus, who throws the unicorn into a space-time continuum out of envy of their relationship. Unico is therefore forced to wander through the most diverse historical periods, but he is not alone during his journey. On his way he finds friends and empathizes with every living form.

""A voracious fan of film and animation from around the world, Tezuka often thought about how to get his work valued outside of Japan. " said the editor of Edizioni BD. "It's not hard to believe that he willingly accepted Sanrio's proposal (Company behind Hello Kitty) to create a series for the foreign market. "Western" reading, color pages and a square format are more like a "picture book" than a manga. The idea for the protagonist also came from the USA: The first Unico sketch was drawn by Tezuka on the return trip to the Sanrio Studios in Los Angeles. Almost 50 years later, Unico has achieved its goal: to pass on the ideals of its creator around the world ". A comic book film was made out of Unico, voiced in full by Nana Mizuki. Unico inspired a TV series, but it was never released.

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