Criminals are becoming more and more insidious and now, after a war that was not won, which nevertheless saw them as winners given the initial conditions, they are becoming more and more daring. In My hero academia season 6 The heroes are forced to lick their wounds, at least those who remain alive, in a hospital bed while they can do nothing.

While waiting for the family reunion at the Todoroki house after the recent events, the villains make their move. the Commander is none other than Tomura Shigaraki, or rather: all for one. The super villain from My Hero Academia has indeed taken complete control of the body of young Tenko, who has now increasingly fallen into the evil boss' quirk. So the criminal invaded Tartarus along with some high-end Nomu.

Obviously the goal wasn't to free minor villains like Stain, Overhaul and many others who were imprisoned in the maximum security prison. the The purpose was to free All for One's body, the original and genuine that still maintains control over everything. Now that the super villain has been freed without too much worry, he can use both bodies to lead everyone onto the battlefield and wait for Tomura Shigaraki's transformation into an All for One 2.0 to complete.

My Hero Academia Season 6 got the heroes really nervous with this move, since they already had no strength left to face the current villains, and now they also have to face those who were already captured in the past.

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