Written and illustrated on the official manga page by Shiro, Yama no SusumeThe cover of the nineteenth compilation volume has been published and is due to be released in Japan on August 12th.

Shiro started publishing the manga in the magazine Comic Earth Star from the publisher Earth Star Entertainment in August 2011. The publisher published the eighteenth volume on January 20.

The work inspired an anime adaptation produced by the studios with twelve episodes. 8 bit, Led by Yusuke Yamamoto and scripts from Kazuyuki FudeyasuA second season with 24 episodes premiered in July 2014, followed by a third season with 13 episodes that was released in July 2018.

Synopsis of Yama no Susume

Aoi and Hinata are childhood friends. While Aoi prefers the quiet life at home, Hinata is sociable and loves mountaineering. They both decide to climb a mountain to see the sunrise they saw together when they were younger.

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