Written and illustrated by on the official Twitter account for the anime adaptation of the manga Fumi Ayamiya, Otona no Bouguya-santhe production of a second season of the project was announced.

The video confirms that the premiere is planned for January 2021 and that this new season will again have a total of twelve episodes of four minutes each. It should be noted that the production is a fundraiser in the following link Support development costs. There is no target amount and the benefits include donors appearing on credits.

Ayamiya, for her part, began to publish the manga in the magazine Earth Star Comics from the publisher Earth Star Entertainment The publisher published the first compilation volume in November 2018 and the second in December 2019. The first season was broadcast in October 2018 and had twelve episodes.


  • Mark ishii like Kautz.
  • Mikako komatsu like Frealica.
  • Nao touyama like Lilietta.
  • Takahiro Sakurai like nards.
  • Enako like Maou.
  • Nichika oomori like mokuku.

Production team

  • Junichi Yamamoto (TIME TRIAL: Bokura ga Kaita Mirai) directs the anime in Imagica Lab.
  • Domeshi In collaboration with Yamamoto, he is responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.
  • Kosuke iwanaga (Sengoku night blood) is responsible for the character design.
  • Keiji Inai (Danmachi, TIME TRIAL: Bokura ga Kaita Mirai) is responsible for composing the soundtrack.

Summary of Otona no Bouguya-san

The original four-panel manga focuses on a world of swords and sorcery. The story begins when a village boy named Kautsu works in a peculiar armaments shop that only sells certain types of equipment for adventurous women.

Source: Official Twitter account



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