On the official website of the platform Naver Webtoon It was listed that the webtoon was written and illustrated by SIU, Tower of godThere will be a new chapter on May 17th. This statement does not coincide with the previously published one which assured the manga would resume in the summer of 2021 (July-September), although it is likely that the date was simply brought forward.

The work has been suspended indefinitely since the publication of Chapter # 485 in June 2020. The author announced in September that he did not intend to resume work anytime soon. However, in October he announced that he had plans to resume her in mid-September. November. Finally, in December 2020, he announced that he would extend the break for at least six more months.

On the other hand, SIU publishes the Webtoon Tower of god through the website Naver Webtoon since 2010. The piece inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios. Telecommunication animation film, Headed by Takashi Sana and scripts written by Erika Yoshida, released in April 2020. So far there is no evidence of the production of a second season.

Tower of God Synopsis

There is a tower that calls upon selected people called "regulars" with the promise of fulfilling their deepest desires. Whether it be wealth, fame, authority, or something that surpasses them all, everything is waiting for those who rise to the top. Bam is a boy who all his life had known only a dark cave, a dirty cloth and an inaccessible light. When a girl named Rachel approached him through the light, his whole world changed.

While being close friends with Rachel, he learned a number of things about the outside world from her. But when Rachel says she has to leave him to climb the tower, her world falls apart around her. He promises to follow her no matter what the cost and fixes his gaze on the tower. A miracle happens. So begins the journey of Bam, a young man who was not chosen by the tower, but opened his doors himself. They call their species "irregulars", beings that have shaken the tower's foundations every time they set foot in the tower.

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