The platform Netflix announced that the animated adaptation of the comic Mark Millar Y. Leinil yu, Super crook is produced by studios bone ((Boku no Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, Godzilla Singular Point). The thirteen-episode series is slated to premiere this year and the first trailer will be released next month. The project is advertised as an "anime" rather than an "animated series".

On the other hand, the original comic bears the title Super Crooks: The Raid It was published in a single volume that contains four installments in total. It was originally published by the publisher in 2012 Icon comics and it was written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Leinil yu, with the output of Nicole Boose.

Super Crooks Synopsis

For teens trying to be a super villain, The Heat has always offered unparalleled wisdom, support, and loyalty. Super convicts around the world owe him much more than they can ever pay him. And now that The Heat has owed the vengeful salamander more than $ 100 million, he has no choice but to collect each of those favors.

Then comes Johnny Bolt, who has just served a five-year prison sentence for using his superpowers in a robbery. But it is not easy for Johnny and his colleagues. They are seasoned super villains, used to constantly pestering the law and competing with a multitude of criminals with superpowers who have the same ideas as them. To help "The Heat" you have to be creative. You need to go to a place where the lack of competition gives you access to a whole host of new opportunities. You will travel to Spain to rob the greatest and richest target of them all, in the final robbery that will be the mother.

But they think stealing the world's most famous supervillain, The Bastard, is the worst idea Johnny has ever had in his entire life ... everyone except Johnny, of course. Will you be able to convince them with your drive? Or will the bastard end up delivering the last blow ... with blood on his hands?

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