The following review of Tower of God - Chapter 8 and 9 It contains a spoiler, if you already saw the chapter please read on, otherwise you can see it on any of the platforms and return. Warning, this series will only give you the answers if you get to the top floor of the tower, because there you will be a god and you will get everything you want ... everything.

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CHAPTER 8 and 9

Tower of God chapter seven: "You are right Miss Endorsi. No ... I cannot climb the tower at the expense of others ... I am not able ... they are the first ones I have called ... friends. Everything that matters to me is here. And after passing over my friends to climb the tower, what awaits us up there? Are those stars really that beautiful? How can they know if something they never saw is more beautiful than what they already have? No, I do not understand. I don't want to hurt my friends for something like that. If I have to fight, I want to do it protecting my friends"



Quant (Quint in the Manhwa) has successfully deciphered and successfully passed the first phase of the plan that the genius of Khun Agüero Agnis and that involves their entire team, using the skills that each of them have to execute said plan. Everything seems impossible for the team, but with 111 seconds of advantage (30 minutes and 13 seconds in the Manhwa), Khun you must run part B.

The Team A He begins his plan with an ambush in what appears to be a tower surrounded by spiral staircases, where each of the explorers, fishermen, wave manipulators and spear bearers located in their respective posts, receive instructions from their main light bearer Khun. In the presence of that supreme call Quant, the Team A receives an academic lesson from him, “The explorer has several adversaries at the same time. So you must know several techniques to deal with it. In this test I can only use 1 Bang, 10 Myun and 10 Su from Shinsu, that is not enough to kill an ordinary person, but I just have to hide in the dark ”.

Without prior notice Quant it disappears in that darkness crossing the first flank and destroying all the regulars who cross its path (without killing them, it only leaves them seriously wounded). Some as Lauroe they just sleep because according to their points he is already practically approved. Theories that the Team A will lose from Lero-Ro are knocked down by Rak and by Han sung Yubut they cannot count on the ability to publish from the Manbarondena, because the insignia of that group was modified with Shinsu and it cannot be duplicated or compressed.

The time has come and Shibisu will have to face Quantwho has been called "Red-haired dwarf" (poisonous toad in the Manhwa) (I will tell you that they omitted the funniest part of the chapter of Manhwa for a nothing ... More in the opinion). Upon reaching the bridge the surprise of Quant is to meet Khun and not with Anaak, who is the bearer of the insignia and who should face the supreme. The truth is Khun He has thought of everything and it is not for less coming from him, since in those troubles he has made the decision to hide Anaak but in a different way. Now we just have to wait if Quant jump the void that the princess of Jahad jump. At the end Quant he discovers the plan or he half discovers it, he lets himself be carried away by his anger and jumps into the void taking with him Khun but this is protected by his contraption which he used to form a pulley and raise both headlights, now Anaak run to the goal and it seems that everything is won.

Here comes the surprise, Khun He prepared all this to pretend that he did his best to help his team win, but the truth is that his real team are those guys who appear on the list that Shibisu and Hatz they had to fill and as several of them already passed the test being in the Team A, subtracted the rest found in the eteam B. Now what Khun helped Quant with him Shinsu of Lauroe to make the Team A, it only remains that the team B I managed to win, but everything changes in that test that has another plan in itself.



The team B Bad start, first they had no leader, there were many disputes between them, they are the weakest in terms of skills and they could not organize a good plan until Andorssi I take command. Still for some it is difficult to pass this test as is the case of Serena, who was previously a thief who stole merchandise from the ships that went from the central area to the outer towerbut one day a Supreme He found them and ended them all in a bloody way, the only one that survived was her when her prayers appeared Headon and gave him access to the tower. Even though she was very clear about her goal and that of climbing the tower at any cost, her position changed when she met those boys who, without her knowing, have also appreciated her and want to see her climb the tower with them. But someone has more hatred and envy than everyone and that is Ho, who, driven by his desire, will go after a plan proposed by an anonymous letter.

Everyone is behind a goal, some risk everything for it and others just overlook it.


This episode is covering chapters 38-51 of the Manhwa, the order and development of the episode is not the same, but the context and the scenes could say that they are similar, for some small change to speed up the development of this in 23 minutes and some others to simply make sense for those who have not read the Webtoon. Now if after this we are going to start to explain what for me has been a great chapter and how I will help you to understand perhaps terms or scenes connecting both creations.

My opinion is somewhat long because I add data from the Manhwa, perhaps it is not an opinion and they are simply data that I liked the most or that would look great in the anime, but they did not appear. I hope you enjoy it and get to know a little more about the past, the perspective, personality and actions of our characters.


I will tell you one thing, the chapter 39 of the Manhwa is to die with laughter, Shibisu He would come being the comedian of this series and believe me that he fulfills his role at full strength, even when things look very bad, he gives everything for his team, his friends and even those who are not on his team. Simply a wonder to see how that boy without special powers faces Quant and gives everything to distract him, to declare that Anaak It is her beautiful little green princess, who trusts her and gives everything for her. The moment when in anger and even in a vengeful tone he tells Quant that because of him they could not appreciate the last Super Burning Fist of the Super duper King. It all ends with the defeat of Shibisu by Quant, who tried to get away from the distraction of the boy in a sweatshirt.

The obvious end Quant it passes over them breaking the second flank and reaching the bridge where the goal is located or that "flag" that the team must take care of being stolen by the Supreme. The point is that Quant bumps into Khun and his Manbarondena. Here I welcome you to chapter 40 of the manhwa, a marvel of traditional engineering hahaha, because although the plan was half-discovered by the supreme Quant and his anger problems, the truth is that Khun I expected that from that little man who is characterized by making decisions based on his temperament. The plan seems simple at first glance, Khun hides Anaak in that floating lighthouse made of floating rock and keeps it at a respectful distance so that it does not separate much from the other and loses that magic that makes it float, since the lighthouse does not have much material from that rock. At the end Quant ends up jumping off the bridge as he wanted Khun, but not with the son of the family Khun but only while our Light Bearer is saved by his Manbarondena in invisible mode or the strap of that briefcase that supported both headlights by means of a pulley ... Anaak climb the bridge again.

Yes i know it's hard to see what Lauroe helped the supreme Quant to take the insignia of the group A, but although they "lost", all of them were encouraged and especially to Khun who for a moment thought that by their arrogance or by relying on their plan they all lost ... But in reality they won by him and they obtained much more thanks to him. Ah, what did they believe? If I too ... Anyway Khun actually he was the one who helped Quant to climb the bridge with the help of Lauroe and all why? Very simple, on that sheet where they had to write the name of their friends, several of them were behind at enough points to win and they are in the team B, therefore, having assured his victory, I mean Khun, of Lauroe, of Shibisu and of Anaak, more than Rak for being the best lancer, there would only be Bam, Hatz, Andorssi, Ho, Serena and the one that nobody expected in that list and that was written down by Andorssi, Rachel now better known as Michelle Light.


Now it's the turn of the team B and I assure you that the chapter 43 is to grab the ceiling, exactly what happened is the same being Andorssi the team leader, Serena pouring out with Ho, telling him about his past, the way he managed to enter the tower and what he feels now being in it, because he has met certain boys who are more than friends, they could be a family. While the honorable swordsman Hatz He gives his all so that his clumsy and irrigating companions come to their senses while he tries to face the supreme, who this time his anger has escalated proportional levels and his aura along with his Shinsu they say it all. Another who undoubtedly has a plan, along with his hatred and envy go for something else and is to end a personal competition that makes him feel less than nothing .. Ho and Quant they are a danger.

SPOILER! When the time comes when Hatz must face Quant, his two sword technique leaves the Supreme surprised, because that technique is different from that known in the famous Arier family, but this is not all because those movements are not human, since apparently Hatz I stopped being human a long time ago ... “To become a creature distinct from any race in the tower. The Supreme".

The story of Andorssi (Endorsi in the Manhwa), is very similar to the anime, a girl who came from one of the 10 great families, but his was in total ruin and only their patriarch remained, so the man decided to take and adopt the best girls in his domain and prepare them for one of them to be the princess of Jahad. That was hell for all of them because many were hungry and others ate very well, which gave a different flavor and great curiosity to Andorssi. After a few days she managed to beat everyone and try the best food. We all know how she could taste all that food ... Killing them all, just as she will team B In order to pass and climb the tower without problems, she has betrayed her own team B, but in reality this has never been his team. This was not the only betrayal, for the noble boy Hatz He was betrayed by his own team like in the anime ... Hopefully it doesn't change because of this.

I must confess that reading as Andorssi he says to Bam “The best thing is that you desist from climbing the Bam tower. Forget Rachel, go find your own happiness ”, maybe Andorssi it keeps a certain feeling to Bam for being one of the few that remains with a noble and intact heart. Many other things are added to the anime and others omitted from the Manhwa, but the path is the same. Something different is that Ho manages to convince Rachel to turn off the lighthouse and approach him, he tells him that someone is chasing Bam and that someone is him. The boy who attacks the princess with a Ignition sword call "Narmada" (He is the gentleman who is always close to the little girl with blond hair.

"You are right Miss Endorsi. No ... I cannot climb the tower at the expense of others ... I am not able ... they are the first ones I have called ... friends. Everything that matters to me is here. And after passing over my friends to climb the tower, what awaits us up there? Are those stars really that beautiful? How can they know if something they never saw is more beautiful than what they already have? No, I do not understand. I don't want to hurt my friends for something like that. If I have to fight, I want to do it protecting my friends. ”

Hahahaha Andorssi Rachel doesn't want you to follow her! Moron!", Bam "I know, but ... My heart can't stop following it", those who listened "I reject her". Hahahaha

Well in the Manhwa basically Ho tells everything to Rachelthat he hates Bam and who wants to do what God should have done, because Bam he is a monster and he must suffer a little as others have, for he should not be blessed with such power.

I will quickly explain that the supreme arrives and finds Hobut before stopping it the "Spear revolutionaries" the same ones who abandoned Hatz and they kidnapped Serena With Shopin. Appears Bam, Ho yells at him his past frustrations along with his envy, the latter yells at him that I caught the supreme o Rachel go dead. Bam agrees but Quant it is fast and freezes the body of Bam with Shinsu and explains how to do it to Ho to save Rachel, While Quant free the hostages and kill the revolutionaries on the spear. FACT: According Quant that technique of freezing with the Shinsu learned it in two years and just told Bam that he will try to give him hope, but you know that our boy did it without difficulties.

At Manhwa Ho don't stab Rachel it only cuts a little the neck and it hurts the legs of gravity (How? Or in what moment? No idea). Andorssi He doesn't kill the other boys, he just leaves them seriously injured! FACT: Ho he says to Bam that someone betrayed him and betrayed his weakness for Rachel. FACT: Serena He manages to listen to much of the conversation and see what happened (not like the anime that comes after all). FACT: When Ho it's dying Bam shouts "Do not die! I beg you not to go! Why is everyone abandoning me ?! ”

Andorssi She has very good words and very good texts, even being evil according to her, because although she acts in her own way, she wants Bam understand that everyone is after something in the tower and struggling to get it in their own way, because like her, some do not know more ways but still she wants Bam follow yours and follow your heart ... Even if that is to follow Rachel and his desire for the stars. FACT: Ho not dead, still dying and Bam tells you to hold on while Andorssi fight against Quant and Bam aid.

FACT: Andorssi does this refer to Dragon Ball "Gather the dragon balls to fulfill your dreams?".

Ho died, Bam learned more, Rachel She is wounded, Khun has something in mind, the team B won and Lady Yuri Jahad goes after Bam and the Black March.


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