Japan Sinks: 2020, the Yuasa series welcomes four new members into the cast

Netflix released the presentation trailer, and revealed 4 cast members, of the new animated series by Masaaki Yuasa and Science SARU, Japan Sinks: 2020. It is a transposition of the science fiction novel Nihon Chinbotsu, written by Sakyo Komatsu.

Below we report the latest additions that will characterize the characters of the series:

  • Hiroyuki Yoshino (Haruki Koga)
  • Nanako Mori (Nami Miura)
  • Kensho Ono (Kaito)
  • Umeji Sasaki (Kunio Ashida)

The anime will consist of 10 total episodes and will debut on the platform on July 9, 2020. The plot, as you might imagine, starts from the original science fiction novel, which narrates a series of natural catastrophes that hit Japan. Massive tectonic shifts cause volcanic eruptions from remote Japanese islands, triggering terrible earthquakes.

in this context, a team of scientists tries to convince the Japanese government that the archipelago will soon sink under the sea, much earlier than expected. The story focuses on the Muto family and the brothers Ayumu and Go. The four members of the family remain involved in an earthquake, and their goal is to escape it by fleeing the metropolis of Tokyo.

The series will be set in modern Japan. Although the promotional announcements mentioned that the story would take place after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, this detail has now been removed, and more recent "modern Japan" is mentioned in the more recent announcements.

Kyoto Animation, through a statement, expressed itself following the arrest of the suspect. The airline will need some time before it can return to full capacity.

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