The author Shouji Satou revealed through his Twitter account that the manga Triage X it will not end in its twenty-first volume. "I think there was an interview where it was said that the manga would end in this volume. But it won't be like that!"He commented. The publisher published the twenty-first compilation volume on July 9 in Japan.

Satou had stated in an interview in 2018 that he planned to end the manga's serialization with around 21 compilation volumes. For his part, Satou began publishing the manga in the magazine Monthly Dragon Age from the publisher Fujimi Shobo in April 2009. The publisher published the twentieth compilation volume on January 9.

The work inspired a ten-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios. Xebec, under the direction of Akio Takami and scripts written by Katsuhiko Takayama, released in April 2015.

Triage X Synopsis

Behind the Mochizuki General Hospital lies a watchdog organization known as the "Black Label." The team, made up of select hospital staff and local youth from Mochizuki High School, receives missions to kill unwanted people, considered β€œthe cancer of society,” and, of course, it is the job of medical staff to end this infection.

Source: ANN

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