A leak from China through the Weibo social network assured that the manga was written and illustrated by Kamome Shirahama, Tongari Boushi does not have a studio (Atelier of the witch hat), will have an anime adaptation. Confirmation of this information is expected shortly.

Tongari Boushi does not have a studio

Shirahama started publishing the manga in the magazine Monthly morning two from the publisher Kodansha in July 2016, and the publisher published the eighth anthology in December 2020, followed by the ninth in July 2021 in Japan. A spin-off manga called Tongari Boushi no kitchen (Witch hat kitchen) has been published by the hand of in the same magazine since November 2019 Hiromi satou, with three volumes so far.

Summary of Tongari Boushi no Atelier

Coco, the daughter of a humble seamstress, has always been fascinated by magic and the witches who do it, despite the strict precautions they take to hide their methods from the public. However, when Coco seizes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spy on veteran warlock Qifrey, she realizes that her favorite picture book was a magic book in disguise from the start. In his excitement, he immediately begins to test the various spells.

When a spell causes disaster in her home, Qifrey rescues her just in time and decides to train her in forbidden magic that changes the body and spreads magical artifacts among the citizens. But before Coco and Qifrey can face the Brimmed Caps, she has to improve her magical skills and learn to get along with Qifrey's other apprentices.

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