On the official website for the light novel series by Kyo Shirodaira and illustrated by Chasiba Katase, Kyokou Suirithe cover of the thirteenth volume of the manga adaptation by Chasiba Katase was published, which is due to be released in Japan on August 17.

Kyokou Suiri

Shirodaira began publishing the light novels with illustrations from Hiro Kiyohara in 2011 by the publishing label Kodansha novels, later moved to the label Kodansha Taigawhere he started using Chasiba Katase's illustrations. The publisher has published a total of four volumes.

The Manga adaptation of Chasiba Katase is published in the magazine Monthly Shonen magazine from the publisher Kodansha since April 2015. The publisher published the twelfth volume on March 17th.

The franchise inspired an anime adaptation produced by the studios with twelve episodes. Brain base, Led by Keiji Gotoh and scripts from Noboru Takagi, released in January 2020.

Synopsis of Kyokou Suiri

When she was a child, Kotoko was kidnapped by a yokai (a creature that takes on human and animal properties). These spirits made her a powerful mediator between the spirit world and that of man, but this power came at a price: one eye and one leg. Now, years later, he watches over the dangerous yokai and develops feelings for a young man named Kuro, who has healing powers following an incident with a yokai and asks him to join the team to deal with and protect the yokai apostates the fine line between reality and the supernatural.

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