On the official page for the manga written and illustrated by Not Tamashima, Moekare wa Orange-irothe cover of the 10th compilation volume was unveiled, to be released in Japan on August 12th.

Tamashima started publishing the manga in the magazine dessert from the publisher Kodansha The publisher published its ninth compilation volume on January 10, and since this year’s eighth issue of the magazine in June the work has been put on a “small indefinite pause”.

Synopsis of Moekare wa Orange-iro

Sexy firefighters, now in the world of Shoujo Manga. The student Moe moved to a new city after the death of her father. Moe has had enough problems adapting to her new class so far, which is why she is totally ashamed when she is “rescued” by local firefighter Kyosuke during a fire drill … in front of all the boys in her class!

But the embarrassing incident could be a blessing in disguise, as gruff but friendly Kyosuke gives Moe the courage to step out of his comfort zone as he tries to leave his lonely days behind. And it is worth noting that she falls madly in love with him too …!

© 著 島 ノ 著 (著) / KODANSHA 講 談 社


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