On April 18th in Japan, Musawo Tsumugi announced the manga Koi after Uso ((Love and lie) will take an indefinite pause as he begins to work intensively on his manuscripts. According to the statement, the manga will have two different endings, one with Misaki Takasaki and another with Ririna Sanadaand the author stated that she would pause work to provide the best possible development for each route.

In the declaration it says: “For the readers of Koi to Uso, I’ve finally reached the point where I can reveal to you the plans for the end of the piece that I had decided prior to the animated adaptation. It’s been a long time since then! I would like to offer you the opportunity to see the two possible routes concretized without being better than the others. So I’ll take some time to properly prepare them. I’ll do my best to deliver it asap so I hope you can wait for me!».

Tsumugi started posting the manga on the website Manga box from the publisher Kodansha in August 2014. The publisher published the tenth compilation volume on March 9, followed by the eleventh on December 11 in Japan. The work recently had more than 2.6 million copies in circulation.

The piece inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios. EYE FILMS, Headed by Seiki Takuno and scripts written by Natsuko TakahashiThat production was followed by a two-episode OVA released in November 2018. A live-action film was also produced in Japan and released in October 2017.

Synopsis from Koi to Uso

In a future where Japan is struggling to combat its low birth rate, the Japanese government is implementing the “Yukari Law,” a genetic compatibility-based matching system for all young people over the age of 16. Hailed as “the red thread of science,” it is a universally accepted policy that promises fulfilling lives for those who adhere and punishes those who oppose it.

At 16, time is running out for Yukari Nejima, who decides to profess her love for the beautiful and popular Misaki Takasaki, whom she has loved for five years. To her surprise, Misaki reacts to her feelings, but just as the couple is sharing an intimate moment, Yukari receives her message from the government. He will marry his assigned partner, the outspoken Ririna Sanada, and now plunge into a world of love and lies while still trying to convince himself that his feelings are the right way to go.

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