The debut anime series was produced by WIT Studio and ColverWorks Spy x family to the ultimate popularity boom. The work, born from the pencil of Tatsuya Endo, is currently the most talked about amid controversy and appreciation, as is Anya Forger, the queen of the spring program. Here she penetrates other shonen!

We've already seen Anya from Spy x Family in the style of Dragon Ball and other popular manga. This time, however, the fandom has gone further. The cute little telepathic girl literally has invaded the universes of the most famous shonen of the House of Shueisha.

It's all the rage lately to dress Anya up by sneaking her in most famous manga panels like ONE PIECE, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man or Naruto. As you can see in the tweets at the bottom of the article, Loid and Yor's adopted daughter meets Zoro who asks her if she saw Luffy, Gojo, who identifies her as a first-degree sorceress, or that Naruto Shippuden team 7, which takes the place of Sakura. Also very funny is the panel where he takes the place of Minato Namikaze during the Fourth Ninja War.

The Twitter community therefore has fun bringing the little girl back to the most iconic moments of anime and manga. Speaking of artwork, this is what Anya will look like when she grows up, according to the Spy x Family writer. This is the demonstration of what became of Anya and Spy x Family are among the most popular of the moment.

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