We've talked far and wide about the best anime released so far in 2022. From the colossal Fourth season of Attack on Titan in the surprising Spy x FamilyGoing through the incredible animations of Demon Slayer Season 2 and the romantic comedy Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, we may have broken the crates of high-tier products a bit.

In fact, today we are here to make room ugly souls. Of course, the beauty of a product is always subjective, but there are anime that are a step below the others in terms of storytelling and animation, and because of this, they often capture a smaller segment of the audience. But that doesn't mean anything, because many fans also feel hatred for the souls celebrated by critics and audiences alike.

Twitter user @Johnny Spitin decided to ask his followers what the the worst anime you have ever seen, triggers many reactions. For example, @DodgersHUN He replied that although he acknowledges the quality of the product, the worst anime for him is SaeKano. That's because he pokes fun at romantic comedies but is very similar to them.

As we read the various responses, we see how i Tastes in anime are very different, and the worst, according to one person, could be another's favorite. @_Fallen Hina writes that Rent a Girlfriend is the worst thing he has ever seen and will never see, although the anime has received multiple recognitions.

At the bottom of the messages, we'll leave some fan responses to @Johnny Spitinand we ask your own question again: What is the worst anime you have ever seen?

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