The saga of the Great Battle in the Land of Water continues to claim casualties. This time one of the antagonists of the Funato pirate clan loses his skin. The consequences of this death could be dire. In which'Episode 250 of Borutoa sea dragon awakens to fight Kirigakure.

The latest original episode of the anime adaptation produced by Studio Pierrot takes place a few hours before the final battle between Boruto and Funamushi. Here, we find Ikada again, stayed next to his older sister Seiren the whole time. As revealed in the Boruto 250 preview, the spotlight of the episode is on the boy who dreams of becoming a carpenter.

Ikada joins them Kobuna, Funamushi's son, but the moment of serenity between the two friends is interrupted by Araumi Funato, who demands that his son be on the front line fighting the mist. However, Ikada opposes the war.

The Funato leader also clashes with his other son, Isari, who disagrees Strategic battle management. From his point of view, the war cannot be prolonged with scarce resources and the fighting should be stopped immediately. However, Araumi remembers his poor wife who was the victim of an icy blow. The woman, she would have liked that Ikada became the leader of the Funato.

At this point, Ikada is urgently recalled: Seiren has awakened. However, the girl who was injured by Kagura and Boruto is now only one step away from death and with her last words she encourages Ikada. Finally, we also see the return of Funamushi's corpse to the Funato camp.

Funamushi and Seiren's deaths have three main consequences. Kobuna decides to avenge his father and Isari to mediate with the misty village instead. Tragedy allowed Ikada to awaken his powers. The war has resulted in Boruto's personal growth, but how will he fight his old friend?

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