Through a message posted on the official social channels a few hours ago, the Kodansha is published monthly Bessatsu Fiend Magazine revealed that Author Rin Mikimoto will return with a new manga in January 2021, not even six months after finishing a midnight kiss, his great job.

According to what is reported in the post visible below, the new original story may not be a romcom, as the work is described as "a different story from that of the usual Rin Mikimoto". The manga is currently untitled, but we can expect new details in December, a month before it launches. The release date of the first chapter is January 13, 2021.

For Rin Mikimoto, this is the third manga published after Close to You and A Kiss at midnight. The author has made a name for herself thanks to sentimental stories and it will be interesting to find out if there will really be a sex reassignment. In any case, the appointment is in December to find out the first details.

What do you think instead? Have you read Rin Mikimoto's previous works? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we would like to remind you that the latest manga, A Kiss at Midnight, is distributed in Italy by Edizioni Star Comics and is currently available in eleven of twelve volumes, with the last coming out in February 2021.

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