The first part of Re: Zero 2 lived up to expectations in many ways, thanks to a complicated but interesting narrative and a new list of extremely charismatic characters, among which the witch of greed Echidna stands out. However, there is a small change from the original material Some fans turned their noses up.

As stated by the Twitter user hiriarengo_sub With the post visible below, the shapes of Echidna were fortunately accentuated by the animators at White Fox until they were almost out of proportion. The girl defines the production's behavior as "an unforgivable mistake," perhaps a little exaggerated, but still has the support of thousands of fans.

According to the audience The choice would have been made simply to attract male viewersas, in general, the most sensual characters are also the ones who sell most of the commercial products like Funko Pop, action figures and the like. So the increase in proportions seems to be reserved not only for Echidna, but also for other witches like Minerva and Daphne, albeit to a lesser extent.

What do you think about it? Exaggerated Response? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we'd like to remind you that the second season of Re: Zero is not over yet, as the series will return in January with another 12 episodes.

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