At the moment the heroes have only one victory, against Dabi. So morale has recovered, but that doesn’t make the situation any easier. Indeed the latest clashes of My hero academy They highlighted various critical issues, particularly on the hottest fronts, like that of Tomura Shigaraki.

And it is this last front that Kohei Horikoshi shows in My Hero Academia. The author has decided to move to the flying battlefield, where Bakugo is in serious trouble: Shigaraki was actually unharmed and decided to rage on the young hero because of his connection with Midoriya. That My Hero Academia 360 spoilers don’t improve the situationas can be seen from the images available below.

So far, the leakers have focused on a few cartoons featuring Shigaraki brutally beating Bakugo, killing him. Mirio Togata’s intervention doesn’t seem to help either, while Shigaraki grows other weapons that threaten other nearby heroes. We have to wait a few more days before understanding what will happen well in this chapter and if the intervention of Bakugo rescue will hit or not, even if the leaked images are worrying for the young hero’s condition.

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