The size of the world of ONE PIECE has allowed readers to formulate various theories over the more than 25 years of serialization. Some of these have been realized, but many others have been forgotten due to their implausibility. There are also some that have been waiting for their fulfillment for a long time.

And with the end of the Wano saga, it also began the last sheet of ONE PIECE, confirmed by a message from Eiichiro Oda. Now the games are almost finished and for this reason some theories are about to be implemented. Here are five ONE PIECE theories that could come true in this latest saga.

There will be a great war, but who will be involved? According to some, the final stages will be about seeing a Mihawk VS Shanks, or the two strongest swordsmen currently on the seas. It's not the only theory regarding red, as according to many Shanks is a heavenly dragonor at least an inheritance from a family.

Two others concern Blackbeard, with Marshall D. Teach you play the title of the son of rocks along with Shanks, while for many that's for sure Blackbeard will catch up with Laugh Tale and the final fight with Luffy will take place there. Finally, the fifth theory that could come true sees Monkey D. Luffy as the protagonist. The pirate who dreams of becoming the pirate king and gaining freedom is a Descendant of Joy Boy.

Of course, the theories don't end there, but these might be some of the most plausible to be realized in the latest ONE PIECE story arc. What are your favorites instead?

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