Neon Genesis Evangelion it has few characters, but all are extremely important. Each in their own way, they resisted the defense of humanity. This role was primarily attributed to NERV, the Neo-Tokyo-based organization that guards the Evangelions, handles their maintenance, and looks after the pilots and their weapons.

However, there are also those who deal with defending the structure and pilots with more physical methods, such as. B. Soldiers. And among them is Misato Katsuragi, one of the most recognizable and popular Evangelion characters from Neon Genesis. The woman is one of the few that has also become an icon of the anime world in general thanks to the characterization of Hideaki Anno but also thanks to the character design that makes her a charming and beautiful woman.

Whether at home or at work, Misato is very popular indeed. In this Misato Katsuragi Cosplay we see her with the red uniform, the dark shirt and the skirt that she always wears in front of her apartment. Despite the simplicity of Shadory's realization, who chose to shoot everything against an all-metal gray background, the details are of it Cosplay in Neon Genesis Evangelion style.

Obviously, she's not the only one in the hearts of fans: Here is Rei Ayanami cosplay video and Asuka Langley adult cosplay.

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