The beginning of the second part of chainsaw man introduced readers to a new character - Asa Mikata. The girl, a high school girl suddenly threatened by her classmates after a serious accident, ends up becoming one of the fiercest demons in the universe conceived by Fujimoto, and consequently a new target for Denji.

Justified "Two birds", the Chapter 99, available on Manga PlusIt begins with Mikata hoping that what happened the day before was all a nightmare. However, the harsh reality presents itself to her as a double, with the scars of the conflict. this is that war devilwho, by saving her life and giving her control of half of her brain, intends to use it to build an army to take on the Chainsaw Devil.

In fact, Chainsaw Man appears to be attending high school, where Mikata is being escorted by the devil. Also driven by the will of her evil counterpart, Asa befriends a boy, only to make him one of many allies in the war devil's service. The two Mikata therefore make a pact: Asa can regain control of themselves if they manage to kill the Chainsaw Devil.

Meanwhile, Mikata joins the Devil Hunter Club with her new partner to prove she's got what it takes a week to kill the first devil. Finally, we remind you that Chainsaw Man was awarded two Daruma d'Oro at Japan Expo 2022.

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