The approach of the 200th chapter of Eden zero prompts author Hiro Mashima to devote more and more illustrations to the crew members led by Shiki Granbell, especially the beautiful girls who are part of it. After a first change of suit Rebecca Blaugartenfemale lead, received a new illustration.

If Mashima became famous thanks to Fairy Tail and the sequel Fairy Tail: 100 Years of Quest Currently in the works and of which an animated adaptation has been confirmed, it is largely thanks to Eden’s Zero that the mangaka owes much of what it has received over the last few years. The space adventure of Shiki and companionsand its development, have indeed caused many readers to follow the new series regularly, although the first season of the anime was a big disappointment.

Rebecca plays and has played a fundamental role since the beginning of the story as she pushed Shiki to start the journey and this time she was represented by the master in a skimpy bathing suit, which highlights her forms, with her hair tied in two ponytails and on the beach, ready to face the summer heat with the sea water. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally we leave you another illustration dedicated to Sister Ivry.

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