Chapter 311 of My Hero Academia is finally available on MangaPlus and has revealed new background on the role of Pro Heroes and the new challenges that will accompany Midoriya over the course of the next releases. Especially the last page of the new chapter showed the entry of two villainsand seems to anticipate a possible alliance.

In Chapter 311, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist continue to narrow the ranks of the new bad guys by eliminating the threats scattered around the city and are forced to face an angry mob due to Dabi's recent actions. It is now apparent that confidence in Pro Heroes is at an all-time lowand with half of the best heroes now out of the game, only the top 3, Wash and Edgeshot remain to investigate All for One.

Meanwhile, Izuku Midoriya continues to be used as a decoy to bring Shigaraki out, and during his usual patrol trip, he is attacked by surprise by a new villain. The girl Drop a bomb that will detonate All Might's carand fires a rifle that is shot into the protagonist's phone and orders him not to move. Deku immediately believes he has finally managed to find a member of the Villain Union, but The reality could be very different.

Below you can take a look at the new antagonist who is apparently capable of making a sniper rifle from one of her limbs. Take a closer look at the penultimate table An overhaul can be determined, a few steps away with no arms or legs. A collaboration between Overhaul and Shigaraki is absolutely impossible given the precedents between the two, ed The girl is much more likely to act alone.

The table in question suggests that the mercenary helped Overhaul escape Tartarus and carried him during the general escape of the inmates from the building. The most sensible choice for Overhaul should have been to kidnap Eri regrowing their limbs, but the fact that the two were in search of Deku (and most importantly, that the rifle shot purposely missed the target) suggests they are looking for dialogue rather than confrontation. Deku and Overhaul have different reasons for tracking down Shigaraki, but if the new villain's quirk comes in handy, A fixed-term agreement between the two parties cannot be ruled out.

And what do you think about it Would you like to see how Deku works with the two bad guys? Tell us in the comments! In the meantime, we greet you by reminding you that My Hero Academia will receive a new original film this summer and that the three protagonists' new costumes were recently shown.

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