The new Dragon Ball Super movie will be released in 2022 and is waiting to get some official information about the protagonists and the release window that we just have to speculate about which may have been chosen by Toei Animation to face the Z warriors in this new movie.

The last Dragon Ball movie dates back to 2018 and was quite a hit at over $ 123 million on a budget of around $ 8.5 million. The movie eventually made Broly a canon character, rewrites its origins very well and gives its appearance more context. For the new film, however, the situation could be a little more complicated.

The most sensible choice for Toei Animation might be that of Customize Moro's narrative arc, told in the Dragon Ball Super Manga and before the Broly saga. However, a similar implementation would require multiple cuts and could force Toei to do so Keep postponing the release of Dragon Ball Super Season 2. A second option is to create an original story arc that sits between the Broly saga and that of Moro. In this context, many fans have discussed which antagonists deserve a "Broly treatment".

Cooler seems to be the most popular character. Freeza's older brother first appeared in the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Fate of the Saiyans and according to many fans, it has the greatest potential of any non-canon villain created by Toriyama. Another antagonist with great potential for a film is Janemba, now insertable in history, also in view of the canonicity of Gogeta, and already - among other things - reused in the last arc of the anime series Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The most nominated are, among others, Cell, Bojack and especially Baby and Omega Shenron, two characters from Dragon Ball GT who many believe deserve to appear in the canonical series.

And what do you think about it Which villain would you choose for the new Dragon Ball movie? Let us know in the comments! For the latest on the movie, check out our in-depth analysis of Dragon Ball Super 2022.

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