there Todoroki's family story is certainly not all roses, and we've learned that since Season Two of My Hero Academia. Shoto's hatred of his father was a symptom of very serious problems that plagued the boy's entire childhood, and over time we got to know his entire family situation better.

With the current season of the anime, which stages another story arc, Endeavor and the Todoroki in general, we go deeper into the characters of this family. My Hero Academia 5x17 suggested a dinner in the Todoroki house, where we relived some family moments and got to know the prevailing situations better. However, fans noticed a certain absence at this stage, as they were in the manga by Kohei Horikoshi. were present two more cartoons that better tell a specific dark scene from My Hero Academia.

As a child, Shoto was injured and burned by his mother as we all know, but two cartoons have been added to the manga that show the mother trying to fix the mistake made. Below are the relevant cartoons from the My Hero Academia manga. with Episode 17 of My Hero Academia 5 We also saw the face of Touya Todoroki, the eldest son in the family, for the first time.

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