It has long been debated what the post-Wano saga would be like. No one could have foreseen the current one, which is set on an island never mentioned before, but allowed the protagonists of ONE PIECE to meet with that most influential and brilliant character of his time, Doctor Vegapunk. But this is only a piece for the final phase.

In fact, the manga has to move towards the end quickly by touching countless outstanding points. While the Mugiwara are better acquainted with the mysteries of Vegapunk and all the knowledge it must impart, the final chapters of ONE PIECE seem to have already laid the groundwork for the pirate protagonists to take.

Knowing better the empty century and the old kingdom will be necessary to better understand the history of this world but also to have hope of finding the last Road Poneglyph necessary to get to Laugh Tale. And Chapter 1066 of ONE PIECE anticipated that In Elbaf, the island of the giants, lies the treasure of Ohara.

time before it is rumored that Elbaf would have been one of the ONE PIECE sagas and now more than ever it seems mandatory for the Mugiwara to perform this phase. Finally, after Egghead, it could be the island of the giants.

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