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Chapter 20: Examine the hospital

Students have to look for jobs, some will tell their parents, including Anya, although their first choice was Yor. Father and daughter go to the hospital, but Anya is determined to investigate beyond appearances. There he discovers that his father is very popular locally, only when he reads his mind does he discover that it's all for the mission. In his office, Loid leaves Anya and she decides to go through the secret corridor, a place where she will scare other psychiatrists. He returns and upon seeing what the girl has done, Loid thinks she is in trouble. The report was written and read, the father won a problem that he knew how to solve.

chapter opinion

The new character was introduced despite having appeared in the opening and in the End, which didn't have much involvement, and the next chapter will talk more about that. Then again, I honestly thought Loid wasn't working, that he was just a spy, or that, like the castle chapter, he would enlist the entire department's assistance to pretend. It's the first time we see him in his work environment, being a spy is tough. For her part, Anya, dressed as the detective is usually characterized, since she wanted to know about the spy work from the start. The part that can be considered the funniest can be the last part of this part where Anya describes her father's work and adds some things that are very different like hitting the patients (when did that happen? ). Loid fixed her daughter's mess.

A possible ending?

I left out the part where Anya and Yor are talking because I wanted to use it for this part. Yor envisioned a whole possible scenario of her work as an assassin carrying Anya, even at this "end" of the mission she asked Anya to tell Loid that it was ketchup. This part shows that Yor is studying and preparing and being good, the problem is that only in things related to killing. But all of this made me think of something I read months ago. Loid is from abroad, Yor is from the country they live in, eventually they can identify Loid and ask Yor to do his job or vice versa, even both (which would be the most exciting scenario for me). That seems like a wonderful ending to me because it's something I want to see because I don't want it to actually happen and that adds emotion. We'll see how the manga develops.

decipher the indecipherable

Not much to say about the last part, it's Anya that is Anya. He sees something on his spy show, he reads Loid's mind and wants to copy it. He ends up inventing something, but I wonder what he was trying to convey with this indecipherable message. He gives one to Curly, he supposedly decodes it and ends up thinking it's a date with a woman, possibly an agent (and that seems contradictory to me because he knows Anya doesn't know Loid is a spy). I found this to be: well, there are minutes left, how do we fill it in; it came from here. Pleasant, yes.

Two more parts in the next chapter that may not be connected. The season is almost over and I need more.

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