In the last few chapters, ONE PIECE has taken a very different turn. Finally leaving Wano, the Straw Hat Pirates have taken their first steps in the manga's latest story arc, which will lead Luffy to conquer the legendary treasure left by Gol D. Roger in Laugh Tale. And the first goal surprised.

Actually the ONE PIECE heroes have landed on Egghead, the island of the future, Vegapunk's home and laboratory. And obviously the island of the manga genius could certainly not be normal: robots and futuristic constructions are everywhere There is no shortage of holograms either. These have already put Luffy and the others to the test, but the reason they are there is no coincidence.

In fact, as Sandman reveals, Eiichiro Oda loves holograms. The author of ONE PIECE actually bought a $900 hologram which he keeps in his studio. This was revealed by a Japanese TV show, one of the many that manage to make contact with the mangaka. It's not the first revelation regarding Oda, as the author's study has been featured in ONE PIECE for the past few months.

Will there be more Vegapunk secrets that can also be found in Eiichiro Oda's studio?

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