The end of Naruto sparked debates. The quick finish of the war arc left fans with questions. Hayato Date, the anime's director, recently spoke about the planned ending, which didn't include Kaguya or Madara as the final villains.

The Intended Antagonists

In a 2022 interview, Date revealed Masashi Kishimoto's early ideas for the manga's climax. The story was supposed to introduce new enemies, the brothers of Zabuza, but this changed as the manga evolved. These characters were left out, never making it into the story.

"Towards the end of the manga," Date said, "Kishimoto struggled with how to wrap things up, feeling the pressure from the manga's popularity." He remembered Kishimoto saying, "the final enemies might be Zabuza's brothers," a plan that was never used but still made an impression.

Zabuza's Impact

Zabuza and Haku's fight is key to understanding Naruto. Zabuza's role was more than just a villain; he introduced Naruto to the harsh realities of their world. This fight set the stage for the values and morals that would guide Naruto's growth.

Kishimoto wanted to connect the manga's end to Zabuza's siblings, aiming to bring back the strong impact Zabuza had on the story and Naruto's development.

What Was Missed

The absence of these characters from the final arc makes the saga's confusion more apparent. The Fourth Great Ninja War arc's ending, with its inconsistencies, makes us question if it needed to be so long. It seems the story was stretched more than needed.

These new details make us think about what could have been and how they would have shaped Naruto's story. Discuss these ideas with others, and dive deeper into the series.

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