In the cosmos of Dragon Ball Super, the introduction of Angels has been a game-changer. These celestial beings, companions to the Gods of Destruction, wield immense power yet are bound by a vow of neutrality, even amidst chaos. What drives this imperative for non-intervention?

The Role of Angelic Mentors

Angels like Whis serve as guides for the Gods of Destruction. Their existence is dedicated to coaching these deities in managing their immense responsibilities and destructive capabilities. By staying out of the fray, Angels ensure their charges can grow and learn to step in when necessary.

Moreover, Angels are expected, if not outright compelled, to adhere to the Grand Priest's decree of neutrality to avoid swaying the natural progression of events. Any slight interference could tip the cosmic balance. Yet, as Whis has shown by reversing time to save Earth, there are subtle loopholes in these strict rules.

The Balance of Power and Order

Ultimately, Angels are charged with upholding their superior's directives to prevent chaos and maintain universal equilibrium, despite being among the most formidable entities in Toriyama and Toyotaro's creation. Before we part, take a look at Gohan Beast versus Cell Max in a stunning fanmade artwork, and ponder whether the dragon balls should remain a series staple. Share your thoughts on the Angels' role in the comments below.

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