Over a year has passed since the announcement of One Punch Man's third season, yet details are scarce. Yusuke Murata, the manga's illustrator, recently addressed the silence surrounding the adaptation, but his comments did not clarify much.

Yusuke Murata took to social media to clarify his role in the upcoming season of One-Punch Man. Contrary to fan speculation, he confirmed his absence from the project.

"I am not involved in the third season of the One Punch Man anime. The animation production is a separate project of mine," stated Murata on platform X, dispelling rumors of his direct involvement with his independent animation studio.

The studio responsible for bringing the next chapter of Saitama's saga to screens is yet to be revealed. Murata's studio was rumored to be a contender, but this has been refuted, leaving fans to wonder who will take on the task.

While the industry often sees swift progress following new project announcements, the case of ONE's work is an exception, with the production details of One Punch Man's third season still under wraps.

With this statement, the community's anticipation shifts towards discovering which studio will ultimately helm the adaptation, ensuring the narrative's integrity and the character's legacy.

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