The spin-off manga from NarutoSasuke's Heroic Feat: The Uchiha Spouses and the Starry Sky, based on the light novel by Jun Esaka, sheds light on several details regarding the connection between Sakura and Sasuke, and in the fourth chapter, available on MangaPlus, attention was drawn to the complicity between the two ninjas.

In the manga adaptation, the author Shingo Kimura He took some liberties by deciding to narrate some of the scenes between the two spouses in a less rhythmic and more introspective rhythm. At the new appointment with the series, however, he tried to do that Synergy between Sasuke and Sakurawhich shows how the two infiltrated Redaku's observatory to find out more about a cure that can save Naruto to get out of extremely risky situations.

After taking on one of the local card game masters thanks to a gambling-related memory trick learned from Tsunade, Sakura manages to find yet another clue which could bring them closer to discovering the cure and deciphering it. Sakura's acumen combined with Sasuke's strategic savvy could really prove crucial save the life of the seventh Hokage. What do you think of the spin-off manga and how will Sasuke and Sakura's complicity be portrayed? As always, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Finally, we remember that the spin-off manga revealed an unprecedented weakness of the Sharingan and we leave you with the hypotheses regarding the arrival of an animated adaptation of Sasuke Retsuden.

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