Continue the epic saga of ONE PIECE, which has been offering completely different scenarios than before for several months. In fact, after years of samurai themes, due to the very long narration of Wano and Onigashima, Eiichiro Oda has taken its protagonists to new shores, to those of Egghead, the island of the future.

But on this island there are not only Vegapunks and the Straw Hat Pirates, but also a well-known group of characters who are their enemies. CP0 has started wreaking havoc and Luffy sure can't let them get away with it. in the ONE PIECE 1069 You'll see an opening dedicated to the MADS ship, funded by crime boss Lu Feld.

However, the next phase is entirely dedicated to Egghead, with Rob Lucci being blocked by Kaku: in fact, the CP0 cannot attack an Emperor without first having superiors' permission, as there is a risk of starting a war. However, Luffy sees Atlas on the ground and gets angry and decides not to let the enemies get away. Bonney is given to Chopper while Atlas is taken away by Jinbe, like this Luffy and Rob Lucci start fighting.

At Marine HQ, Akainu learns that CP0 has arrived at Egghead, but Luffy is there too. That is also confirmed Kizaru is on his way to Vegapunk Island. We then immediately return to the battlefield with Rob Lucci, who has awakened his devil fruit, but Luffy does the same with the fifth gear. The protagonist of ONE PIECE unleashes his power while being watched by the scientist who has reached the control room with his main body.

He himself starts asking about Luffy's transformation, saying that Gom Gom was never mentioned in the Book of Devil Fruits and that this form instead reminds him of Nika. Meanwhile, Sentomaru also descends onto the battlefield with the Seraphim, who must obey him. The Marine asks Luffy to take Vegapunk with him, but Rob Lucci takes advantage of the distraction to brutally beat up the axeman. Without it, the Seraphim must actually obey the CP0. Will his move be successful?

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