Cameo art is extremely complicated as it is not always easy to link characters from other works to a single brand. The animated series by Lum she seems to have succeeded quite well in hiding brilliant Easter eggs in the episodes. One of them in particular really hides a lot of characters.

A few days ago we told you about the origins of Bulma, who first appeared in the Lum anime. Indeed at the time Akira Toriyama gave the TV series staff the first drafts of the character, which they introduced as a tribute to the third film in the franchise. However, this was just one of the many Easter eggs that the staff hid at work.

In episode 158, 5 cameos actually appeared: Lupine III, Ken the warrior, Megazone 23, Kate & Julie and Appleseed. This is one of the richest episodes in terms of Easter eggs. Just think that Lum, which came out in 1985, indirectly heralded the feature film Appleseed, which was released in Japanese theaters just three years later. In any case, you can see the moment of their appearance in the photos below in the news.

But do you remember that particular episode? Please let us know with a comment in the appropriate field at the bottom of the page. Before saying goodbye, we invite you to learn some curiosities about Lupine III's Fujiko mine, which hides some interesting anecdotes about his character.

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