Thanks to the collaboration with Shonen Jump, Marvel Comics recently forcibly entered the world of manga with Deadpool: Samurai, a work by Sanshiro Kamasa and Hikaru Uesugi, in which Wade Wilson finds himself in feudal Japan. And as always, the mercenary Chatty tore down the famous fourth wall.

The Marvel antihero Demon had already paid homage to Slayer in the cover of the third chapter of the Deadpool manga, but this time he did more: in one of the comics he openly quoted the work by Koyoharu Gotoge and My Hero Academia.

As you can see in the picture shared by Twitter user Shibuya Smash in Deadpool: Samurai, Chapter 7, the talkative mercenary is amazed Where did Loki go?, Thor's brother, and try to imagine an answer. ""Did you hear what Loki's next destination is? Will he buy tons of Kimetsu no Yaiba goods or go to the HeroAca show or something?".

If you don't know, HeroAca will be an exhibition specifically focused on My Hero Academia. That Deadpool won't be honored during this event? On the other hand, the Marvel character could, given his powers appear quietly at work by Kohei Horikoshi, who apparently was inspired by him for creating the villain Twice. Meanwhile, the Pillars of Demon Slayer judge each other in the new fanbook.

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