The war between heroes and villains is getting fiercer. So many feelings, so many thoughts, so many actions coexist and contrast each other, each trying to make their voices heard above the others. At was the case Mutants from My Hero Academia which set off a chain reaction of extreme damage.

Spinner managed to awaken Kurogiri, who has already started a great revolution on the battlefield. My Hero Academy 375 is a chapter that still focuses on the devastating effects of Kurogiri's power, specifically telling what happened on the battlefield of Himiko Toga. Toga is out of his element on this far-off island. He fails to blend in and fight properly as High End Nomu fall one by one thanks to Gang Orca's punches.

However, Toga does not want to give up and trusts Spinner completely. So he takes a vial of blood, which is promptly destroyed by an attack by Tsuyu Asui. However, the high school girl's assassin knew the enemy was watching her, so used a decoy that tricked Asui into drinking poison that attracts Nomu. Only from the chaos that results from this attack, Toga drinks Asui's blood and transforms into her, leaving Uraraka stunned.

But it only takes a few seconds for the girl to drink the other vial, the one with Twice's blood. This is how it begins most problematic transformation for the heroes of My Hero Academia, and at that very moment, Kurogiri summons his black portal to teleport Toga, who aims to kill all heroes, starting with Hawks. Thus, dozens of portals appear in Gunga, carrying not only Dabi, but also the mass of Twice.

However, in the final Uraraka and Tsuyu don't give up and manage to go through a portal to reach Gunga. Will they be able to stop Toga even in this situation?

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