Quirks greatly affect a character's personality and abilities My hero academy. For example, Katsuki Bakugo has an explosive character like his Quirk while Himiko Toga has a passion for blood and transformation. But sometimes there are characters who are unique and have nothing to do with their own power.

The heroin is taboo at Midnight She has a power that causes sleep by emitting perfume, but she has a well-developed sadistic character since she was a high school student, narrated in Vigilante: My Hero Academia Illegals. Now the teacher keeps an eye on the students and teases some, like Minoru Mineta, but the effect is also evident in real life when there are cosplayers who decide to wear the white tight suit of this very skimpy heroine.

Ether chose to be one of those cosplayers, as confirmed by some photos on her Instagram account. That Midnight Child - Prohibited Cosplay from My Hero Academia It's shot from below, but the fidelity to the character drawn by Kohei Horikoshi is still noticed. White jumpsuit, black boots, mask and belt and whip are not missing from the outfit, finished off with a blue wig. The photo ends with a faint purple halo, suggesting the use of his power that is difficult to resist.

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