Demon Slayer's demons are all terrifying. Their power is beyond imagination, their healing abilities make it difficult for any demon hunter trying to tear them apart, their techniques risk being deadly against any human, even at a high level. But nobody can keep up Kibutsuji Muzan.

Demon Slayer's big villain Kimetsu no Yaiba in battle has never been seen before, but his fearsome presence has brought even the strongest demons to their knees, speaks for itself. And it will be even longer to see him in action, although Muzan will make a brief return in Demon Slayer Season 3. As we await his descent into the field, we can see him in one of those at once fascinating and terrifying guises, the female version he used at the end of the anime's first season.

With a different body than usual, the demon issued new orders to his subordinates. Now everything becomes real thanks to the Charm of this Kibutsuji Muzan cosplay for women conceived by Manulys and photographed by Akunohako, who saw fit to also include the labyrinthine forms of the Infinity Castle, where he summons his servants. A really great and well made cosplay in all its parts.

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